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. >> controversy over a survey being sent to u.s. troops. did the u.s. get the rock and a spy swap with russia? the vice president gives his opinion. the vice president gives his opinion. will the sunny - friend: yeah? car owner: and this is what he had in my budget. friend: oh well, the top is down! car owner: the top is gone! friend: yeah, there's lot's of head-room! car owner: tons of head-room! careful! friend: ow! car owner: that's sharp. friend: cheese! car owner: yeah. sorry. carmax spokesperson: settling for less is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. guaranteed quality used cars can cost a lot less than new cars, so you can get more car for less money by shopping at carmax. now more than ever the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be. >> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 -- on your side. >>> monday marks the six-month anniversary of the devastating earthquake in haiti that killed more than to a hundred thousand people and left more than 1 million people homeless. -- more than 200,000 people and left more than one keep -- 1 million p
nothing. >> i believe [unintelligible] >> a u.s. embassy spokesman denied rumors the russian was at the u.s. embassy. hillary clinton had no comment. >> we are committed to building a new and positive relationship with russia wherever we can. the judge agreed with the government. a third suspect from arlington was denied bond and will stay behind bars until they go before the judge. if they were not behind bars they could easily leave the country. they would have to get to the russian consulate. >>> republican bob ehrlich has declared his candidacy to become maryland's governor. he took a leave of absence from the baltimore law firm he has been working. he filed a financial disclosure form as required at the ethics commission. he is expected to face martin o'malley in a rematch from 2006. >>> his former lt. gov. michael steele is in during calls to resign over comments he made about president obama's handling of the war in afghanistan. >> this is not something the u.s. has actively prosecuted. >> eight chairmen3 comments thursday during a fund- raiser in connecticut -- the chairman made tho
to the crimes allegedly committed in the u.s. -- officials in the bahamas say that. >>> a company that runs popular rides a suspended them last week after a boat accident in philadelphia where a barge hit a boat, killing some people. the boat to examine safety procedures and determined it was safe to operate their rides again. the washington, d.c.-area boats are run by a separate company and were not affected by the shutdown. >>> new photographs from cuban leader fidel castro, allegedly taken last week at a tune in to -- cuban's think tank meeting. he is 83 years old. the last known photographs of fidel castro were taken about five months ago. >>> 7 is on your side tonight about those flavored alcoholic drinks containing caffeine. senator chuck schumer once the product investigated. he says they are deceptive and designed to attract under age drinkers. the labels on the colorful cans looks similar to non alcoholic energy drinks. >>> and there is a synthetic marijuana that is being marketed as incense. several states have banned the product, which is sold under many different names, includin
immigrants have to meet. they would have had to graduate from an american high school, lived in the u.s. for five years, and a 10 college before joining the military. college beforelleg joining the military. coming up, and updates on rod blagojevich. a suicide bomber in afghanistan. the >> is suicide bomber slips through tight security setting up a bomb at a market in kabul. killed three people, including a child and wounded several others. and there was a roadside bombing in southern afghanistan. an international conference is set to begin. secretary hillary clinton will begin the -- will attend the conference. and the search is on for the killer of a chicago police officer. he just returned home from his overnight shift when he was confronted by three men who wanted his car. he exchanged gunfire with one of the suspects in later died of his loans. many are anchored and shocked by his death. >> he was an awesome person. >> i am just in a moment right now. >> he was 52 years old. a 20 year veteran of the forest and was set to retire at the end of the month. a church ban overturned on th
south padre island, texas. there was significant flooding in parts of mexico. people in the u.s. are preparing for problems as well. we have been checking alex all evening now. >> it is a very rare category two hurricane for the gulf of mexico in june. this is the enhanced satellite view. you can see where the highest clouds are. this is on the verge of being a major hurricane. wendt is 100 miles an hour. you can see the radar. 100 miles an hour south of brownsville, texas. wind is still 100 miles an hour. the when the search is four or 6 feet. it will be continuing. is going into mexico. this will be causing terrible damage i am afraid for the folks in mexico, because of the torrent of rain and the enhanced rainfall as it moves into the mountain area. look at the rarity of categories storms into the gulf. first of all, brown still has had 5 inches of rain with wind gusting to 60 miles an hour. you can see that northerly wind. this and fat from the folks at nowata. there have only been four category two storms. the last was back in 1957. it came into louisiana. it is very unusua
those arrested for being here illegally. >> most of the immigrants in the u.s. have come here legally, so there is no reason. it them out the window, the provisions of the bill that would have required the police to check and immigration status of enforcing other laws, that immigrants carry their papers at all times. >> i have seen the tears and the devastation. down in front of the white house, hundreds of latino children gathered with their family and immigration advocates, including little 7- year-old deysi, whose question to the first lady months ago was heard around the country. just three years after a chicago resident's sister was killed in kuwait, his dad was arrested and jailed for being an undocumented worker. >> if they can take care of the birds and fish from the oil spill, don't punish our kids. >> arizona lawyers contend that the law was constitutionally sound. >> they need to step up and do the job that they have the responsibility to do. >> the federal judge gave arizona of leeway, agreeing to state has the right to deter unlawful entry. >>> 7 on your side with good ne
are trying to find two missing service members. the u.s. navy personnel left and were ambushed by insurgents. they tried to take the troops alive but the americans fought back. what is this say the americans were captured by the insurgents. it u.s. is offering $50,000 for information leading to the return of the two, but some are too scared to help. >> if they can show that people around in incident like this that it is not safe to work with americans, to work with the afghan forces and government, that is the fastest and most direct way to defeat this. >> military officials are dedicating every asset in their inventory to try to find the missing service members. >>> some new saber rattling -- saber rattling from p'yongyang, north korea, threatening to retaliate if the u.s. and south korea go ahead with a planned military exercise to more. the allies want to send a message to north korea to stop their aggressive behavior, but it could ratchet up tensions. north korea said it could be a provocation that would lead to war. it >>> a canadian air force pilot is lucky to be alive after the fiery
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happened there. >> new at 11:00, u.s. senators hit a road block in the probe of the lockerbie bomber. senators are investigating whether an oil exploration deal between b.p. and libya influenced the decision to release the man last year. 270 people killed in 1988 when pan am night 103 was bombed over lork by scotland. >> shirley scherr rat is considering job offers after taking a call from a apologetic barack obama. he called to personally appeal to her to come back to work. she was -- she left after making comments taken out of context. >> new details that you saw first on 7:00, in mother-daughter murder cases. the person of interest, came to attention of authorities after a secret hideout was found. they raided a mansion used as a safe house. they made a link between the man and murders when they found out the bodies had been stored and burned in that mansion. this case play go to the defwrands jury next week. >> also new tonight, parents and students are n-shock after learning a football coach is facing child sex abuse charges. >> brian is a football coach and government teacher.
with the representatives of all the major parties. >> the vice-president also plans to meet with u.s. troops during his visit. general david petraeus will officially assume command of the war in afghanistan tomorrow. he is taking over from general stanley mcchrystal, who complained about the competency of his civilian commanders in a "rolling stone "article. petraeus wants to improve relationships between civilian and military leaders. >>> rnc chairman michael steele is coming under fire because of controversial remarks he made about the war in afghanistan. at a fundraiser thursday, the former lieutenant governor called the war "a war of obama's choosing," and appeared to suggest it might be unwinnable. an oklahoma congressman and top party leaders called for him to step down as head of the republican party. he has issued a statement stressing his support for the u.s. troops. the zero >>> oil crisis in the gulf of mexico is now in its 75th day. the world's largest skimming vessel is now being put to the task. the taiwanese vessel is said to be able to gallon -- to gobble up 20 million gallons of oil a
of a bomber wrong. u.s. senators want the state department to investigate whether bp pressure lawmakers to release him in exchange for access to oil fields. >>> more problems for metro and its escalators. commuters were lined up for half a block to get into the station because of the broken escalators. >>> a renewed showdown over holiday decorations in loudoun county. the issue is whether they can be displayed at the courthouse. we may be one step closer to a resolution in the middle of summer. >> many thought this issue had already been resolved in december. a public hearing tonight is a possible vote tomorrow. the calendar may read july, but christmas is taking center stage. last year a citizens' committee voted to ban all displays from the courthouse lawn. this infuriated the public so much that county supervisors overruled, opening up a public property. >> there was a sign that went out that mocked lyrics pretending to be the 12 days of christmas. we will see more of that if we go with this policy. >> the committee ruled that religious displays should be barred from this space. >> m
us the u.s. is on board because it benefits -- its benefits outweigh the pitfalls. 10 russians living in the u.s. confessed today to conspiracy charges that they worked as an unregistered agents of the soviet union. the historic spy swap has not been seen since the cold war. about all of those who entered a guilty plea will be boarding a bus which will take them to one of the new york airports to be transported to moscow. >> russia has agreed to release 4 military and intelligence officers accused of spying for the united states. >> there is a political desire not to develop this scandal. >> the list includes a russian nuclear arms scientist serving a 13-year sentence for spying for the cia. thousands of miles away from the russian prison, in arlington, va., neighbors of three of the accused russian spies cannot believe how well they blended in. >> it is kind of creepy knowing that somebody down the street was doing this. >> the attorney for one of the 10 who pled guilty said the russian government will provide her a lifetime $2,000 stipend, visa for her young children, and a place to
. >> we thought we had gone past this, but this is the u.s. >> earlier today, the vienna- austria, airport turnover 10 confessed russian spies. >> you come to america to spy on america in america, you'll be exposed and arrested. >> what happens to the russian spies children is not clear. we know that an alleged couple from cambridge, mass., have they 20-year-old son who attends george washington university. meanwhile, this man, seen it in this youtube clip, is the son of a confessed russian spy, the only child not to travel to russia with his parents yesterday. his half brother says he will likely stay in new york city and finish high school and denied the accusations that his parents are spies. >> the only russian thing that he likes it is about the. -- is vodka. >> one of the russian researchers was serving a 14- year sentence in russia and now claims he is innocent. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >>> the white house says there were no long, drawn-out negotiations for the spy swap. because the cia knew of the four russians they wanted freed. >>> we are on storm watch tonight. after days of r
police department is now working with the u.s. department of safety and interpol. police believe he sexually assaulted a woman last week while picking her up from a day care center and taking her to her nearby home. >> i have never felt unsafe with any of the drivers. >> the suspect worked for a cab company. he was also contracted to work on metroaccess and buses. this puts a dark shadow over the company. >> it is unfortunate. >> the driver had no criminal record before this incident. he faces charges of second- degree rape and second degree sexual offense. the search becomes a bit more complicated. >>> coming up, we have the breakout and in the makeup. bristol palin is talking about more children. >> how apple plans on fixing the iphone in a matter of hours. >> a light rail project may cut up people's front yards in the area. up people's front yards in the area. i'm from the gulf coast. my family spends a lot of time here. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full resp
they drove into an area under insurgent control. u.s. and nato authority are not sure why the soldiers headed that way. >> again, i do not have all of the details on this. this is an unusual circumstance. >> nato troops have launched a massive search for the sale years, handing out photographs and offering a reward -- search for the sailors. >>> tensions remain high, on the korean peninsula. there are joint military operations being conducted by self korea and united states, and they went off without a hitch and are expected to continue through wednesday. warplanes, ships, and military personnel are participating in the exercise is. >>> the midterm election just 100 days from now, and a battle that is a key issue. the obama administration says it wants to hold back some of the tax breaks enacted by george bush to help the.massive deficits, and it would affect those earning more than $200,000 per year and families earning more than 250 thousand dollars per year. >> 2% or 3% of americans. >> the safest thing for america would be no tax increases in 2011. >> both sides say they would support ext
attending this rally in washington in 2008 is zachary adam chassar, u.s. citizen who was recently charged with providing support to a somali based al qaeda terrorist organization that recently claim credit for a bombing in uganda that killed more than 75 people. a federal affidavit alleges that the day prior, he was nabbed while trying to catch a flight from new york to uganda, with the goal of traveling on to somalia so he could serve as a foreign fighter. court documents also say he intended on boarding the plane with his young son to appear less suspicious. his last known address, this town house in 010. -- in oakton. texted gives you more reason to be aware of who is where, and who is doing what. >> the affidavit alleges that he said he would be willing to fight on the front lines and is not afraid of death. he is also known for hosting the hottesjihadist propaganda. he said they risked death by mocking the profit mahomet in an episode of "south park." he did tell authorities after he tried to fly to uganda that he has since decided to turn away from violent jihad. >> we also have thi
, and corn on the cob. >>> u.s. troops celebrated the holiday at a military base in baghdad. the actress plays softball and had a cookout. it coincided with the visit to baghdad by vice president joe biden, who presided over a swearing-in ceremony of a number of soldiers who have been serving in the military, where they were sworn in as american citizens, and people at mount vernon became citizens today. >> congratulations, you are american citizens. >> 101 people took place in that naturalization ceremony, and among them, a lance corporal in the marine corps who led the others in the pledge of allegiance. 45 countries, afghanistan to the united kingdom, were included. >>> some people work hurt after a crash in a high-speed chase on the eastern shore. a 19-year-old was pulled over after he was spotted swerving on route 50 in cambridge. they said he sped away. there were speeds of up to 100 m.p.h. he slammed into another car with three people in it and then tried to flee from the scene. the victims in the other car were taken to the hospital. >>> new tonight, new efforts to solve a murder
if these parts are worth anything on ebay. live from montgomery county, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >>> the u.s. geological survey says earthquakes in our area are not common but not unprecedented. since 1980, 14 earthquakes have been felt within 50 miles of the epicenter of the earthquake. the most recent earthquake to be widely felt was west of richmond in december, 2003. first, a pair of blizzards, then the heat, then today's earthquake, the latest in what is becoming a growing list of environmental extremes. jennifer donelan is live in dupont circle. it knows no tonight, jennifer? -- no snow tonight, jennifer? >> five months ago, we were standing here in the freezing cold. tonight is relatively cool, the temperature around 88 degrees. throw in the extremes and people are asking, what is going on? remember this? an estimated 2000 residents throwing who knows how many snowballs and dupont circle. and everybody was having a good time. >> that was one of two february blizzards. >> i was astounded. >> the snow shut down the area. doug hill says the d.c. region solve the snowiest, coldest winter
three key provisions of the arizona immigration law has received threats. u.s. marshals say she has received thousands of phone calls and e-mail since making the ruling. arizona is appealing the decision. earlier today, thousands protested in the streets of phoenix. dozens of opponents of the bill were arrested, but there is still quite a bit of support for the errors on a bill, including a maryland state delegate who plans to -- for the arizona bill, including a maryland state delegate to plans to introduce a similar measure. a >> id is not a party issue, it is an american issue. >> as many as 18 states say they want to push a similar bill similar to arizona. >>> coming up, a new twist. the key decision she has reached about her future. >> < 48 hours until chelsea clinton's wedding. -- less than 48 hours until chelsea clinton's wedding. >> first, the multiplying number of cases at arlington cemetery. >> first, the multiplying number of cases at arlington cemetery. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> outrage on capitol hill over the spiraling number
the latest weapon of choice along the u.s.-mexican border. and members that made a car bomb near the border city. five people were killed, six injured. it is the first time the drug lords have attacked the police with a car bomb. >>> school bus accident and kansas sent nine people to the hospital. one child was critically injured. the driver and 20 children were returning from a church camp in kansas. the driver lost control of the school bus on the interstate. >> the bus flipped over. we went in the grass. then it flipped backwards. >> according to the police, the driver lost control, veered into the meeting, try to put the bus on its side. the cause of the accident is under investigation. >>> search teams have called off and rescue mission in hackensack, new jersey. they have determined nobody was trapped when the parking garage partially collapsed yesterday. >> i am happy to report that after all of our rescue efforts up to this point, including the vehicles we suspect it had victims in there, it is unfounded at this point. >> the parking garage was attached to a high-rise condo and it m
. >> we are monitoring a developing story tonight. prominent u.s. senators. just minutes ago, abc7 received an email reporting the death of senator harry reid. abc7 news and politico say that this email and others involving three other senators were all faith. all of the senators are alive and well, an investigation has been launched. well, first texas, now new orleans. oil spreading from the gulf. oil from that ruptured well has reached lake pontchartrain. they are going to try to stop more oil from going to the lake. and there was another setback today, preventing scammers from gathering of oil. there has been a delay until friday. >> new at 11:00, president obama is expected to make a controversial appointment. he will apparently appoint someone to oversee medicare and medicaid. some republicans oppose him to do, and teammate on rationing medical care. he will not have to undergo senate confirmation hearings. >>> britain's queen elizabeth is spending the night in canada after issuing a challenge to world leaders while in new york. she was at ground zero, an honor of the victims
the next nine years behind bars for carjacking the daughter of a u.s. senator. steven alston -- this happened in december of last year. he and another man were later arrested. the second suspect will be sentenced on thursday. >>> place in montgomery county help servants -- called surveillance video will help them catch a thief. they believe he is responsible for eight car thefts. they happened in the stone gate community of silver spring. police are looking for the three men. if anyone with information is asked to call police. >>> the debate over -- the loudoun county board of supervisors delayed a final decision on whether or not to allow decorations outside the county courthouse in leesburg. the current policy allows for a holiday decorations. supervisors could take a boat as early as september. >>> we are monitoring some late developments in prince george's county this morning. it water main break is creating a nightmare. it is near the intersection of pennsylvania avenue and silver hill road. are they making progress? >> indeed, they are. but crews will likely have a long
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